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Pampering: Preparation for Birth

Sometimes when I remind a mom who is due soon that she should be using the last weeks of her pregnancy for pampering, she thinks this is frivolous behavior. Pampering is a great preparation for birth! Here are the ideas and the benefits to each of these things that I suggest! Resting, getting more sleep!…
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Words Matter

In a doctor’s office this week I overheard a mother telling the birth story of a friend.  The birth began with an induction and ended in a cesarean.  Imbedded in the tale were words like “big baby”, “she was past her due date”, “she is a short woman” and “she was in SO much pain.”…
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Atlanta Metro Cesarean Rates

GA Cesarean Section Rates According to the CDC, the national rate for total C-sections in 2012 was 32.8%. There are no current hospital-level cesarean rates for Georgia available online to the public. The most recent rates published are from 2010 (Source: GAHospitalPriceCheck.org.) We checked with the GA Hospital Association, but only got numbers for the…
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Is My Water Really Broken?

We have had several moms believe their water has broken when indeed upon being checked, their amniotic sac was intact. So, I thought I would share a few things to help you determine if indeed your water is broken. 80% of women will have their amniotic sac break in the late stages of labor. Unike…
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Intact Penis Care

I had a dad recently tell me that they planned to keep their son intact, but he was unsure how to take care of their son since he had been circumcised and only knew of that care. I recently received an email from Circumcision Decision Maker folks with a downloadable pamphlet to instruct in this…
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Teresa Howard, CHBE, BOLD

I am a birth guide- someone to help you along your mysterious journey- guiding you when you need it, helping you back on the path if you step off, watching in wonder when you don’t, and always supporting you. Services: I am a childbirth, parenting and lactation educator, labor and postpartum doula. I am the…
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Midwifery Model vs Obstetric Model

Recently I had a mom contact me who wanted the midwifery model of care but her partner was disturbed that she would not be using a doctor. She said she was not sure she could live with herself if something happened if she did not use a doctor. I thought that was odd since the…
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Online Yoga Classes- Give Your Opinion

We were contacted by Sidney regarding a unique approach for those who either live where there are no yoga classes or are prohibited in some other way in attending a live class. I am not sure I feel you get the same benefits from online classes, but if that is what works best for some,…
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A Recent Email

I recently received an email with these questions and comments- and thought it would make a great blog article! Hi there: I’m just at the beginning stages of considering a doula. I’m giving birth in a local hospital with a doctor . I have a couple of concerns and I was wondering if you could…
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Micah’s Birth Story

Introducing Micah Blake Born November 4, 2011.  Weighing 6 lbs, 13 oz. 19 Inches tall.  Sweet Baby Boy We are delighted and proud to introduce you to our first son, Micah Blake Cooper.  He was born November 4, 2011 and weighed 6 pounds, 13.4 ounces.  He was 19 inches tall.  God opened the heavens to…
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