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State of Georgia Birth Center Regulations

  Did you know that each state government sets up the regulations for that state’s birth centers? If you do not like something a birth center can or cannot offer, take it up with the state with whom they are regulated. Every state is different. Let’s see what the State of Georgia has to say…
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Who Is Responsible Anyway?

Have you ever been to a restaurant and had a great meal only to become sick a few hours later? Did you wonder if it was the food you had eaten? What if it was the flu and not the food at all? Would you return to the restaurant again? Would you wonder if it…
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Labor and Birth Jenga

Labor and birth is a balancing act. Moms sit down with their doulas and share what their birth ideals are but often times what is shared is what she thinks her birth ideals are supposed to be. She may be thinking she wants one type of birth, but internally she is not sure she is…
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Tae-gyo: Postpartum Care in Non-western Societies

I was Melody’s doula for her daughter’s birth. Abigail was my 415th baby to be a doula for. But I have known Melody’s mom since I was 17, so she is a special doula client for sure. I heard her talk about the Korean traditions she was involved in being married to a Korean man….
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MayaWrap Slings

Years ago when I was trying to figure out what the best baby carrier options were, I was introduced to MayaWrap Slings. I ordered one and tested it out and loved it. My denim one is so soft from repetitive washings since it has carried all four of my grandbabies in it over the years….
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A friend designed this new diet and fitness ap. It reminds me of Weight Watchers in the ability to track calories and fat as well as exercise. It is FREE and is has an app for your phone too! I started it today. I can put in what I have eaten, what exercise I have…
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Newborn Weight Loss

I just want to scream when doctors say a baby has lost too much weight and instead of getting the mom a great lactation support system in place, they demand the use of formula! There are a lot of criteria to look at! The first is an amazing article about whether the mom had a…
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Taking Credit

March was a whirlwind month for me as a doula. And I had some pretty awesome experiences. Last night I was driving home from a long birth that ended up in the OR for a cesarean. I did what is my custom, I called my best friend who also is a doula and educator with…
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Tincture of Time

What does tincture of time mean to you? This week has been a time of clarity of what that can really mean… I have a mom who stopped back by for a second visit after having had her baby. She came to get some breastfeeding support and advice. Seems her pediatrician was not fully supportive…
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An Extension of Your Arms

I have been a doula for a long time. I have owned the VHS tape the Rebozo Way by Guadalupe Trueba. I have used rebozos in labor for more than a decade. I teach the use of them in my childbirth class. I have attended a Spinning Babies training with Gail Tully and am certified…
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