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How Are You Gonna Help Me?

Do you consider yourself the consumer, the client when you are hiring your physician? Do you feel they need to listen to you and help you have the birth you want? When did we as women give our rights to choose the birth experience we want to achieve on someone who is not in labor? When policies…
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Duly Noted Provider Ap

Our local perinatologist extraordinaire, Dr. Brad Bootstaylor created an ap for us to consider when choosing a care provider. I love that he feels women should know the answers to these questions in deciding if this provider is the right one for them! 1.  Does your Provider believe your pregnancy is normal, despite any co-existing…
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Why Would I Eat That?

When most people hear about placenta encapsulation, their first response is frequently “Why??” with a disgusted look on their face. Admittedly, the first time I read about it, I thought tomyself, “I would never do that! What sane person would choose to eat her placenta?” Turns out, almost every other mammal does, herbivores and carnivores…
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Tolerance or Support?

Today I had a postnatal meeting with a mom who had recently had a successful VBAC- vaginal birth after a previous cesarean. She reminded me that the phrase I used when helping her to decide whether or not to change practices late in her pregnancy was the question of whether the practice she was in…
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Fears? “I Have No Fears!”

Occasionally a woman will meet with us and when we ask if she has any fears regarding her labor, birth or becoming a parent, she says, “I have no fears!” These are the clients we are sometimes most concerned about. Unless she has dealt with her fears- addressed them already and worked through them, we understand…
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Wisdom for Birth Classes

Charlotte Scott and Teresa Howard are certified FEAR to FREEDOM birth facilitators and Dancing for Birth certified instructors. Teresa was also a CAPPA certified childbirth educator.  Charlotte is also a yoga instructor. They are both certified labor doulas. We believe that the most important ways a woman can prepare for a healthy, safe, and satisfying…
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Consider This Timeline… Choose Your Ending Story

actually happened: mom has taken Birthing in Awareness childbirth preparation with her first child has fast, gentle birth of first child on the day her child chose mom has history of hypertension which is only exasperated with pregnancy each time mom is pregnant again prepares with the FEAR to FREEDOM class and a review of…
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Massage Therapy

Charlotte Scott is a labor doula, childbirth educator licensed massage therapist & body worker, with advanced certifications in prenatal & postnatal massage. Nurturing the mother to be – it’s important to take the time out to nurture your changing body. The increase of blood volume and fluids of pregnancy create stress on your joints and muscles….
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Emily Shares Her Beautiful Birth

Quick back story: 3 weeks before I gave birth, my father passed away unexpectedly. Our relationship was very complicated. About 5 years ago he came to live with my husband and I because he could no longer take care of himself, so for most of my adult life our roles have been reversed in terms…
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I Have A Friend Who Will Doula For Me…

As a doula, we hear that comment frequently. “I have a friend who is going to be my doula….” And at first glance it seems like a good thing. but is it? First let me say, a doula does not need to have been trained or credentialed in any way to call herself a doula….
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