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Using Your Rebozo for a Baby Carrier

I have another order for rebozos – or actually jias coming in from Laos. I have several moms who have bought one for use in labor and wanted to learn how to use them as a baby carrier also. As with any carrier- the more you do these wraps the more comfortable you are with…
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Placenta Encapsulation

Sign up for Placenta Encapsulation HERE! We offer another service that you may find helpful–placenta encapsulation with Melanie Belk. The placenta is perfectly created by your body to nourish your baby during pregnancy. Nearly all mammals consume their placenta after giving birth in order to retain the important nutrients and hormones.  Placenta encapsulation allows you…
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“I Had No IDEA!”

This is something we hear all the time! It is amazing how many women have no idea how many options for birth are out there. Often they sit with me or attend our Meet and Greet and tell me they had no idea that they could choose things like a water birth, a breech birth,…
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Lauren and Matt Have Their Son

(Teresa’s comments are following the bullets and Lauren’s story inserts are italics. Lauren and Matt took the Wisdom for Birth Classes we offer.)  Lauren stated contracting around 8 pm the night before. The contractions were mild and irregular. I had decided to take this week off of work to start my maternity leave. This was…
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What Doulas DO NOT DO

You need not be certified to be a doula. But if you are certified, then the organization has what is called the “Scope of Practice.” Here is what DONA considers the scope of practice: A. Services Rendered The doula accompanies the woman in labor, provides emotional and physical support, suggests comfort measures, and provides support…
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Wisdom for Birth Reviews Shared

We recently asked  our previous students for some input on the new classes we teach- a combination of the FEAR to FREEDOM, now called ROCK Your Birth and our training as doulas and the Dancing for Birth facilitator training we have. And here are some of the comments that may give you some insight into…
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Ryder Storm Arrives!- Tinika Tells Her Story

This is the birth story of my third child.  My first son Wyatt was born after my water broke at 38 wks and not knowing what I know now, I went on in to the hospital and allowed them to start me on pitocin after only 4 hours of not contracting.  I ended up with…
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What is Rock Your Birth? In 2011 BOLD founder Karen Brody created Rock Your Birth (formerly FEAR to FREEDOM Birth), a childbirth empowerment method that gives birth workers an innovative, birth-changing toolbox to help pregnant mothers be BOLD and own their birth experiences. When you attend  the Rock Your Birth classes you’ll learn to have confidence in your body, find…
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It Is Just One Day… Right?

Last night we were reading through the script for the play Birth, rehearsing. And one character in the play does little preparation for her birth, saying it is” just one day” in her life. I had a conversation with Guina today about how sad it is that often women really do not realize that birth…
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Heard Comments This Week from Grandmothers

I went to a musical on Sunday. Sat next to a woman who commented she had kept her grandkids for a week that previous week. The youngest was six months old. I commented that I would not have been able to feed my six month old grandkids. She then proceeded to tell me that her…
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