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Do You Tip a Doula?

Today I was asked about tipping a doula. They wanted to know what was the “norm.” Sometimes folks hear me talk about receiving a tip. We do get tips. Sometimes they come when we have gone outside of what the family thought was good service to excellent service. Sometimes it comes when we have a…
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Fabulous Breastfeeding Co-Sleeping Information

There is a lot of misinformation about co-sleeping out there. For most breastfeeding moms, co-sleeping is a fabulous way for everyone to get their must needed sleep and also not interrupt the breastfeeding dyad! So here are some wonderful links for great information to help you be successful and SAFE! How Babies Sleep USC Co-sleeping…
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I Am Mad and I Am Sad

I just spoke to a mom who is with a practice of midwives and doctors who practice out of the large hospital on the north side of town. And she is with a large insurance company which is a global pay system. She is being told by her practice that they do not allow doulas. She…
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More BOLDness

Recently we posted some comments some of our students shared http://alaboroflove.org/2013/02/women-are-becoming-bold-about-their-births/ but today we got another great letter that we felt we had to share! “Thank you so much for offering these trans-formative classes.  I truly believe the work you are doing is making a difference.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in on…
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Valentines Day 2 Years Ago

I received this note today: Dear Teresa, Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope you are having a lovely day (off) and hopefully enjoying time with your Valentine. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help and support you gave me during Sophia’s birth… 2 years ago today! It truly was exactly…
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Charlotte Scott – CLD, LTMB, BOLD, ATMAT, DFB Trained and Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner

I am awed by the courage and strength of laboring women.  I am shaken anew, each and every time I witness birth. I see my role as part of your birth team to bring serenity and focus to your journey. I trust birth. I trust women. You will have your unique journey and it’s my…
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Alexandria’s Birth

12/23/2012 I started having contractions around 9:00 in the morning on December 10, 2012.  The contractions were stronger than the usual Braxton-hicks I’d been having, and they were more frequent.  They were as consistent as my contractions usually get, and over the course of the morning they were getting closer together at times.  However, with…
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Women Are Becoming BOLD About Their Births!

I wanted to share the comments that we are getting from the women who attended our BOLD Women’s Weekend and Couples Series. I have been amazed at how so many women have been hungry for the wisdom that they had within them and never knew how to tap into before. Here are some of the…
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Cesareans Can Be A Gentle Experience

There are two hospitals in the metro area that offer a “Family Centered Cesarean.” One is done at AMC with Intown Midwifery and at Dekalb Medical with Brad Bootstaylor with patients of  See Baby Midwifery and with the doctors backing up Intown Midwifery. They do that type of cesarean for any non emergency- keep in mind you…
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Our Great Experience With Charlotte

I wanted to share how great our experience with Charlotte was. Being committed to having a natural birth experience, I loved having Charlotte to support me on that journey. When I went into labor, Charlotte supported me over the phone and then came to our house when I felt I was ready and needed to…
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