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Mysterious Surprises

Surprises come in all forms and we can never get too comfortable. But if we begin to look at birth as a mysterious journey that will unfold in unpredictable ways we may be able to be more comfortable with surprises. I believe if a woman is well prepared and has done her homework on events…
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Roles of Care Providers During Labor and Birth

Someone recently asked me if using a doula was really needed if you had a midwife.  How about if you plan to have a home birth? I thought I would share roles as determined by some internet sites (the title is a hyperlink to go to the site) for each type of job that the…
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BOMBS Have No Place At A Birth!

I recently had a birth at a satellite hospital in North Forsyth. It was my first birth here. I had hoped it would be a great facility that supported natural birth since some of the doulas with my company have had good births here. The mom had vacillated about moving to a different facility but due to…
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Breastfeeding, Childhood Milk Consumption and Onset of Puberty- My Review

Published September, 2012 in PEDIATRICS Volume 130 Kwok, Leung, Lam and Schooling  This is a very limited study- but it appears that breastfed children reach puberty later than children who were not breastfed and instead were fed cow’s milk formula. The concern regarding this study is that there may be some socioeconomic issues that were…
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Factors Associated with Exclusive Breastfeeding in the US- My Review

Published December, 2011 in PEDIATRICS Volume 128 Jones, Kogan, Singh, Dee, Grummer-Strawn This study was trying to determine what factors were causing the duration of breastfeeding to remain low in the US. It was sad to see that in the 75% of the children breastfed only a little more than 16% were breastfed exclusively for…
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What Is the AAP Statement on Breastfeeding?

My review of “Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk” Published March, 2012 in PEDIATRICS Volume 129 Policy Statement by AAP This is the policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It was six years ago since they made a public policy statement on breastfeeding. I love that they feel breastfeeding is a public…
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Unknown vs Mystery

“Happiness means that we’ve let go of our expectations of how things should be and learned to dance with the uncertainty of how things are.” “Have you learned to accept and even love your “fate” yet, or do believe that things shouldn’t be happening the way they are? “Nietzsche was the one who did the…
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Who to Pick, Where to Go, What to Take?

I love for women to really allow themselves to dream about their birth experience. I like them to visualize it and imagine. If she can not dream it she won’t know how to achieve it. If she is painting a picture that is not the experience she is setting herself up for, she needs to…
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Renee Wymer, Labor Doula, Educator, CPST

Women have the power to grow life, give birth, and meet our babies’ most basic needs.  I am committed to supporting women during this time of metamorphosis. I first came to Labor of Love as a student and immediately found myself passionate about pregnancy and birth. I began my journey as a birth professional by pursuing training…
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My Reason

Today in a mentoring session with Karen Brody- the woman who designed the BOLD  childbirth education I teach, she shared a bit about Angeles Arrien. She has something she calls the The Four-Fold Way® The Way of the Warrior  Show up, and choose to be present. The Way of the Healer  Pay attention to what has…
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