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HER Journey

I have a doula who once shared that she had been supporting a mom in labor for a couple of days who eventually ended up having a cesarean. Another doula- not in my company- asked her, “Don’t you wish she had just gotten the epidural much earlier and they had called for the cesarean hours…
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Fabulous Birth Video

This is probably the most intense and beautiful birth video I have ever watched. It shows sounds being used so beautifully and effectively in labor. I think if you want to be truly moved by the power of birth this is a must watch! The details of this singing teacher giving birth can be found…
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The Optimal MOM

A guest post by my friend and life coach, Lisa Engle. Recently, a public inquiry to describe the optimal mother brought in a wide scope of adjectives.  Some words that came from the poll were: supportive, nurturing, nourished, wise, faithful, intuitive, intentional, attentive, energetic, organized, loving, motivated, encouraging, devoted, loyal, connected, balanced, healthy role model, filled…
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Let’s Give Someone a Gift to Fail

I went to a blessingway last night. The pregnant mother being honored mentioned that although she has every intention to breastfeed, she thought it odd that she received two large containers of powered infant formula in the mail. I asked if she had registered at BabiesRUs and of course she had. What she did not…
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Squatty Potty!

We know that squatting helps to push a baby out. It makes sense to align the baby directly over the outlet it is supposed to come out of instead of laying like a dead roach in the bed. Well western and most eastern medicine has screwed that up for sure. Women are often relegated to…
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Making a Partner Feel Inadequate?

I had a dad attend the Meet the Doula Tea last week. He had interviewed one doula already and had come to meet the doulas in our group. He said he was on the fence on using a doula. He said that he understood we talked about teaming up with the partner but he felt…
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Delandra Vinson, CD (DONA), Labor Doula

I believe in your body’s ability to give birth.  Just as you possess the natural ability to breathe, you are equipped with all that you need to birth…  My goal is to help you listen to your body, make decisions based on information not fear, and achieve an empowering birth as you define it. I…
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Emergency Cesarean vs Unplanned Cesarean

I hear women say, “I had an emergency cesarean.”  I have attended well over 500 births and I have to say there have only been three that were real emergencies. If you have time to discuss things with your care provider. Time to get your partner dressed for the birth, and time to have them…
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