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When we work with women it is a resounding subject that comes out… POWER. Let me try to explain… “I want to be in control.” “I want to be heard.” “I want to be informed.” “I want to make my own decisions.” “I do not want to be coerced or bamboozled.” “I want to choose…
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Hardest Thing About Being a Doula

I used to think it was being on call that made my job hard. The never knowing when a mom may go into labor- realizing those theater tickets or that concert ticket that was costly was not going to happen. Or worse, that child’s birthday party or special event was not able to be prioritized….
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Patience Required

Patience was my lesson for both the pregnancy and birth of R; it was a theme that ran the entire nine months and even related to one of the positive affirmations I had affixed to our refrigerator in the weeks leading up to our planned home birth: “I welcome my coming labor and birth as…
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FAQ: Do You Go to All Hospitals and Work With All Midwives and Doctors?

The short answer is YES. The long answer is not always. What I mean is if you want to use a care provider that we do not feel will give you the type of birth you desire, we will tell you the truth. If you want to continue with this practice, we will support you…
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4 Births in 4 Days… What I learned

My first birth was a client who was in my very first BOLD weekend back when it was called Fear to Freedom. The mom had an early labor that was fairly mild. Her partner had called me and when I reminded him of some relaxation techniques, it cranked up, it cranked up quickly and she…
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Magical Births Don’t Just Happen

Well… I guess they could, but it is really rare. Sometimes women come to us as doulas and begin to detail their dream birth. They tell you how they want it to unfold. And then we ask them what they are doing to make that happen. They often pause and then say, well we are…
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5 Must-Have Tips for an Enjoyable Trip with Baby in Tow

For busy families, a family vacation is the perfect way to get away from it all and reconnect. As a travel expert, I once believed that I knew everything about how to travel, from selecting the best flights to packing lightly. However, once I became a full-time mom, I realized how much there was to…
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Group B Strep Prevention Protocol

I have known Brenda Parrish for a couple of decades. We met online and did not meet in real life until a year or so ago at a breastfeeding rally. She had just recently moved from south Georgia to the metro area. She is a fabulous home birth certified professional midwife. I in fact am…
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The Birth of Poppy Lou Eilola-Bastek

It is amazing how much women will learn from their first birth. Often they will work hard to make that birth not be repeated. This mom did that very thing!   In preparation for the birth of our second baby I attended a weekend class titled, “Fear to Freedom” {now called BOLD}. Eight other pregnant…
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The Birth Of Lucky Jai Eilola-Bastek

Before my due date of Saturday, October 27, 2007, I tried several techniques to induce labor. I seriously questioned this decision after I actually went into labor. It was crazy to try to hurry things up. I tried eating a lot of pineapple, walking, sex, mixing two tablespoons of brown sugar with warm water to…
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