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New Family Soothing Sessions

Bringing a new baby home can be a wonderfully exciting time. But for many families it can be quite scary! Want to have a postpartum professional come to your home in those very early days to be a listening ear and provide you with some awesome resources to explore!  This new family soothing session is…
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Social Media and First Time Moms

The rise of social media in the last decade has had a surprising impact on women during pregnancy, childbirth and the first few months raising their newborn. Being a phenomenon of the internet that is not directly associated with the experiences women go through during their road to motherhood, you’d be forgiven for assuming its…
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Please for Baby’s Sake- Delay Solids

A recent study confirmed it once more. Delay starting solids! Adding food to your baby’s diet prior to four months- and the original recommendation was six months, and is still considered best by most- causes an increase in food allergies. Introduction of foods  “RESULTS: Infants who were diagnosed with food allergy by the time they were…
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What do you think is the number one issue surrounding birth today?

This was a question posed on a birth professional group I am a member of online. I wanted to share the top ten things that birth professionals- midwives, doulas and educators had to share. (One person said it was hard to pick just one since there were many issues.) staff was shared- the lack of…
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Pre-Birth Milestones to Track

The nine months leading up to birth are the first interactions you have with your new baby, and whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, each pregnancy you experience will have unique facets to it. Utilizing an online baby journal is a great way to document your pregnancy experience, and allows you to look…
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Massage, a Contributor to Your Health and Wellbeing

Intentional touch is another name I would apply to massage and bodywork. It is nurturing and skilled touch. We have learned that intentional touch provides physiological change on many levels. Regardless of the technique, or the recipient the act of intentional touch has a positive effect on our nervous systems. It brings about feelings of…
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Shifting and Transforming

Birth is not static. This is what the medicalization tries to do to birth. Let’s plan it, schedule it, control it, make the outcome to be conducted in just such a way. But that is not what birth is like when it is allowed to shift and transform and unfold naturally. It is not just…
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Hands and Hearts

These are the two things that I feel are most important as a labor doula: Hearts and Hands. Hearts to hold the love and caring that is needed to support women in their journey to motherhood. Hearts to understand the fear that sometimes creeps in during labor and birth and desire to replace that fear…
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Madison Aubrey Frost’s Birth Story

(This birth narrative flows from two voices: first my voice and then that of my doula, Teresa Howard, as I have indicated in italics.) Friday September 6th marked my 41st week of pregnancy, and it began like any other Friday before: as was routine for me, I woke up at 6am and got myself ready…
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Introduction to Infant Massage

Infant Massage Introductory Class taught by Charlotte Scott. Learn how to sooth your baby with some basic techniques that you may find invaluable. Come with your baby to have some fun! Better digestion, happier baby, longer sleep and great bonding times! Want to come to a fun class with your baby? This is a fabulous time…
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