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Wisdom for Breastfeeding

  Breastfeeding Couple Class, taught by Renee Wymer is to prepare you prior to the birth of your baby in understanding the whys, hows and whens to breastfeeding to insure success. This is a unique class with new approaches to learning positions and latching techniques. Studies indicate that taking a prenatal breastfeeding class was the…
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Benefit of Labor- Even for Planned Cesareans

I published this article in November 2008, but felt it needed to be republished. Babies born by cesarean section before labor are more likely to have breathing problems and to need special care in the early days of life, compared to babies born after labor. Sometimes the obstetrician thinks the baby is older than he…
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When Are You Late?

Most of us guess at our due dates. It is based on last menstrual periods with the speculation that you will ovulate mid month. Unless you have perfect ovulation cycles and your baby gestates perfectly on schedule- or you have IUI or IVF , you really may not know exactly when you are due. The…
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Choose Your Own Adventure Mystery Birth

Do you know the Choose Your Own Adventure books that are written? My son loved these as an adolescent. Well who does not like a good mystery? Well perhaps you are not a person who likes the mystery of life when you feel unsupported or out of control or feeling unsafe. Image your birth experience…
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What Makes a Great Care Provider

I posed this question on our facebook page to women and asked them what it was that their care provider did that made them love them. These are some of the answers I received: I loved that the doctor for my second baby was humble and really took the time to listen to my questions,…
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Mindful Birthing- Women’s & Couples Workshops

Mindful Birthing for Women – Mapping your ideal birth. – taught by Charlotte Scott, ncltmb, cld –  brings her experience from 2 decades of leading women’s circles, 7 years of teaching the BOLD Childbirth Empowerment Method to pregnant mamas. A longtime student of Gabrielle Roth and the 5Rhythms she combines a passion for movement with…
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Timeline for Working with a Doula

Often folks ask us about how working with a labor doula works. I thought I would share a timeline with you as to how it works with us. Consider having a doula… review the website bios and give Teresa a call. Teresa tells you based on your due date and location for your birth who…
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Private Classes vs. Group Classes

Often folks come to us and ask if we teach private classes. We do. And I have to believe from what our students tell us, they are good classes. But…we would prefer you to take a group class. Why? Because in a group class you learn from each other. There will be a question asked…
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Jamie Tells Kassidy’s Birth Story

June 17, 2013 Kassidy Jule Mullis 8.0lbs – 20 ½” long On Sunday night, June 16, Father’s Day, I started to feel the first contractions.  They were minor enough that I didn’t realize they were signs of early labor.  We timed a few and decided to give Brenda, our midwife, and Teresa, our doula, a…
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Relationships- Good or Beware?

I think it is great when a doctor or midwife practice has a relationship with a childbirth educator or doula. It means that there is a sense of trust that what is being taught or the way someone supports a woman in birth or postpartum is good. I like being on several lists that offices…
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