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Take Ownership of Your Care

I remember the days when you would meet a doctor for the first time in his office. He would sit behind his desk- you could look around at his diploma on the wall; and get a sense of who he or she was by the way the office was decorated. And then he would enter…
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Audrey Shares Her Experience

First, a little background… I had a natural birth with my first baby and it was the most powerful and amazing experience of my life.  For weeks, even months, after his birth, I kept proclaiming to my husband and friends that I wanted to do it (birth) all over again.  With a few exceptions, it…
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Julia Shares About Renee

Dear Labor of Love, I would like to write a short letter to express my gratitude to your practice and especially to my doula, Renee Wymer.   I had never heard of a doula’s prior to a friend’s suggestion when I said that I desired a natural birth, but I am very thankful that she made…
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Dabbling Doulas

There are a lot of doulas in the Atlanta metro area. That is a great thing since we still lack doulas to meet the needs of all the pregnant women in Atlanta. And doula work is one of those things you can dabble at doing if you love the work but can not devote the…
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Fully Prepared and Informed

We teach classes that prepare you for labor, birth and parenting. We cover the natural, non interventive ways to have a baby, to feed a baby and to nurture them. We also cover some of the things that may end up being part of your labor and birth journey. Instead of teaching you inductions for…
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Will You Let Me?

I often hear these phrases: Will they let me? Am I allowed to…? Is it okay if I…? Do I have to…? Women feel they need to have permission to labor and give birth the way they desire. I wish that women would see they have power in their births. They can refuse to lay…
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What’s In the Doula’s Bag?

I bring a rolling small suitcase to a birth. I met a doula on the way out from a birth who only had a bag on her shoulder. I thought it was quite odd that she carried so little to a birth. She told me she tells the couple to bring all of the stuff…
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Instinctive Mothering

I became a mom at the age of 20. I did not have any friends my age having babies. The women who helped guide me in my mothering were special women. They were my local La Leche League leaders. I am thankful that due to my family history of breast cancer, my OB had given…
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You Do Not Know What You Do Not Know

Often doulas and educators will say to a mom that she does not know what she does not know. Do you wonder what we mean when we say this? Women often hear from their girl friends the docs they used for gynecology and then followed that doctor into their birth experience. I ask women how…
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What Does Trial of Labor Really Mean?

Here is an email conversation I had this week: “I am very interested in hiring a doula to support me and help me VBAC (Vaginal Birth after previous Cesarean) in *************.” I asked a few questions about her due date and location for her birth. “I am birthing at *************, and am looking for someone…
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