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I often call women in labor WARRIORS. I was thinking about this month and the births I attended and the type of warriors I witnessed. One of my recent moms had to prepare for her upcoming fourth child – her third VBAC with her husband and her two oldest children being across the ocean for most…
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Postpartum Transitioning

I asked some moms what they wish they had known before they had a baby. Here are some of the things I heard: It’s ok to not have all the answers. Listen to your body and his/hers. Rest when you need to and don’t be afraid to ask for a minute to yourself. You are…
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Sorry Partners and Companions, It is HER Birth, Not Yours!

Often times we sit down with a couple and their views or hopes of their upcoming birth is very different from each other. She may want a doula and he sees no value in having one. She may want to take childbirth classes and he does not believe they are needed at all. She may…
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How Many Ways Can You Sabotage a New Breastfeeding Relationship?

Oh let me count a few of the ways…. Only allowing the baby to nurse for a limited time. If the baby has a good latch, it does not hurt the baby to nurse for longer times. Watching the clock instead of the baby and her signals that she is hungry, You eat snacks and…
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Safe Co-Sleeping

Recently a drunk mother fell asleep on the sofa with her baby between her and the back cushions. She was found hours later rolled over on top of the baby who had died. She faces criminal charges and imprisonment now. It is sad but I hear about unsafe sleeping routines with parents who are clean…
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You Never Know….It Happens.

My first birth was my fastest and easiest birth. My second one was my longest- albeit only eight hours. But I know that sometimes we bank on things being easier and shorter with each birth. My first baby was also my largest- I know that the rule is each baby gets bigger- but my third…
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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

I see your office is in South Atlanta. Is that the only area you service? No not at all. We provide doula services, both labor and postpartum, in the whole metro area. We provide labor doula services in an extended area that includes the Athens area. We teach classes in both the Atlanta location as…
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Atlanta Area Diaper Service!

Monkey Butt Cloth Diaper Service is a cloth diaper delivery service founded by a husband and wife who believe in the benefits of cloth diapering for your family, the earth and your wallet.  They were fortunate to have the opportunity to use a cloth diaper service and feel it is not a luxury, but a necessity…
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Nesting During Labor

We all hear the stories of women nesting before labor. They get their house in order before they feel they can bring a new being into that space. But have you heard about women who need to nest in order to really get going in their labors? When women are in early labor there are…
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Vaginal Exams?

Why do you get a vaginal exam when you are in the last weeks of your pregnancy? Here are some reasons some moms shared with me and some reasons I have heard. Curious if you are dilating?  “Because I was all excited to know if I had dilated any.”  Dilation does not mean anything.  Moms could…
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