Birth is In Your BODY

There are so many classes and books about birth today. But women fixate on the techniques or the set information about when they are due, how to time contractions, methods of induction, etc. They worry about if they will poop on the birth bed or in the pool, whether they will “loose it” in labor or whether they will need medication. All of these things are keeping women in the heads, not their bodies. But birth is in your body!

charlotte dancing

I often say 98% of labor is in the shoulders up- meaning in the head. But what I mean by that is if you get out of your head- let go of all those fears and thoughts on how birth should be and just let birth be, your births will be much easier. Our bodies already know how to birth- we just have to get out of the way and let it do it!

How do you do that? First take the calendar down- quit worrying about your due date.  Due dates are guesstiments at best. Second, when you go into labor remove the clocks and watches. Labor has not time limits. It just is.  Third and most important really- get into your body. Learn to listen to what it is telling you to do. Move when you need to move. Listen to your heart and intuition. This is what we teach in BOLD. When you are pregnant, learn to do these things so that it comes natural in labor. Stay fit – swim, walk and dance. Write down in your journal your thoughts and dreams about your birth. Let your body lead you- not your head.

My advice to you is to get out of your head- get into your body to birth! Take a movement class to learn to let go! Letting go is essential to birth.