The Beautiful Bump Project: Maternity Clothes Co-op

What do you do when you are pregnant and need maternity clothes? They can often be quite expensive. When you are already making budget cuts for the baby’s expenses, what is a pregnant woman to do? Well one mom wanted to make a difference for others!

21129[1]Who is this mom? Katie Roe,  she is a stay-at-home parent of a 14 month old son who she coparents with her husband Richard.

Why did she come up with this idea? She took a course with Landmark, a personal and professional growth, training and development program called the Forum. After taking the initial program, Katie took this course and went on to take an additional leadership program. Part of the challenge was to come up with a project. She was six months pregnant and had to come up with something quick. She considered how she loved being pregnant and had been blessed with being gifted a lot of beautiful maternity clothes that helped her feel even more beautiful. She started thinking of the short time of wearing maternity clothes and the expense and thought of this idea. She wanted to help other women feel beautiful during their pregnancy. So she gave birth to The Beautiful Bump Project, ” creating the possibility of feeling beautiful, sexy and vibrant during pregnancy without spending a fortune on a temporary wardrobe.”

How does it work?  Her facebook page says, “The Beautiful Bump Project is a maternity clothing lending co-op serving the Atlanta area. We think every woman should be able to dress as beautiful, sexy and vibrant as they feel during pregnancy, without having to invest hundreds of dollars in a temporary wardrobe. It’s 100% donation based.” She spreads the word via a strong facebook presence. She has a facebook page for the project and is involved in several local community groups. She picks up donations of gently used maternity clothes. She then sorts them and hangs them up in a large walk in closet in her home, reserved specifically for this project. She then invites women to set up a time and come shop. They can return them when they are no longer needed or share them with others- there are no strings attached. She perfers getting a facebook message for shopping inquiries. You can message her from her page.

20160821_215025_2[1]How can you help her help others?  She has already invested a lot of money into this project and is not ready to invest much more at this time. Space is limited and so she would love to have more storage space. If you know of someone who has storage space to donate, she would love to hear about it! She does not have a website, although she knows how to maintain one, if you want to donate your services to help her build one or the money to host one, she would love that too!

The area you can help with the most is to donate your gently used maternity clothes. She would love help if someone wants to volunteer to occassionally come to help her organize it as well. She currently has over 1200 pieces of clothing. She has all sizes, seasons and styles, but more donations are always welcome. And one of the most helpful things would be a more efficient way to organize them. She would love someone to help with building out a closet, donating rolling racks or the closet wall wire racks.

I love this idea. And I love Katie’s heart in making this project. If you are wanting to shop, contact her. If you want to help, contact her. This is a worthy project to be associated with for sure!