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Monkey Butt Cloth Diaper Service is a cloth diaper delivery service founded by a husband and wife who believe in the benefits of cloth diapering for your family, the earth and your wallet.  They were fortunate to have the opportunity to use a cloth diaper service and feel it is not a luxury, but a necessity for many busy families.  Cloth diapering allows natural fibers to touch baby’s skin, instead of synthetic fibers and chemicals.  A service cares for the logistics of the cleaning of the diapers, leaving families more time to focus on their growth and bonding.  Monkey Butt strives to provide convenience while incorporating best practices for the environment, the baby, and the family.

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Cloth diapering is better for baby.  Cloth diapers are made from 100% cotton, we use unbleached, no added chemicals in the liners or absorbent core found commonly in disposables are even fathomed by cloth diapers.  Baby is less likely to have an allergic reaction or skin sensitivity to a pure cotton material.  Babies who are cloth diapered have less incidence of diaper rash, despite the common myth.  Additionally, babies who are cloth diapered potty train 6 months to 1 year earlier than their disposable counterparts.  This precocious advantage means fewer days spent with their waste touching their skin, and therefore less diaper rash and fewer infections.  A study published in an environmental health journal compared air quality when people were exposed to cloth and disposable diapers.  Those exposed to the disposable diapers experienced respiratory symptoms similar to asthma, not just the children, but anyone in the vicinity. 

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Cloth diapering is better for the environment.  Less waste is produced in the manufacturing and usage of cloth diaper.  A single cloth diaper can be reused upwards of 200 times.  A disposable diaper is used once and thrown away.  In a landfill a disposable diaper will take over 500 years to decompose.  Once the life of a cloth diaper as a cloth diaper is over it is reborn as a rag.  That same piece of fabric once used to diaper your child, is used by cleaning companies as their rags, until it is finally spent.  According to the instructions on a disposable diaper, the solid waste should be flushed so as not to contaminate the ground water once it is thrown away, yet many parents simply throw the solid waste away.  Cloth diapering encourages the proper disposal of solid waste to encourage a healthier environment for everyone.  Cloth diapers have half the ecological footprint than their disposable counterparts, even after one has accounted for the energy expenditures of a cloth diapers multiple washings.  2.3 times more water is used in the production and usage of disposable diapers, than the washings needed for cloth diapering during the same child’s diaper lifespan.  The carbon footprint to manufacture, transport, use and dispose of a single disposable diaper is considerably greater than the same manufacturing, transporting and use of a cloth diaper and its repeated cleanings.  As a service we plan the most direct route between families and deliver in the evenings after traffic has cleared the heat of the day dissipated.  Remember an average child will have 6,000 diaper changes before completely toilet trained.  In one year of disposable diapering, the use of over 300 pounds of wood, 50 pounds of petroleum feed stocks, and 20 pounds of chlorine are used in the production of that one year of diapering for a single infant. 

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Cloth diapering costs less through toilet training for many reasons.  Cloth diapering encourages self-awareness for the child:  they know when they are wet or have eliminated, therefore most children toilet train earlier.  Cloth diapering, even with a delivery service costs less than the cheapest diaper.  (Low cost diapers are able to be as such because they employ many chemicals to absorb the waste, synthetic liners and PVC in the covers to prevent leaks.  These diaper chemicals are branded and sold before rigorous testing can be conducted leading to babies with allergies and sensitivities to these products.)  Many families are concerned about chemicals and production of disposables and so choose organic natural disposables.  Cloth diapering with a services is almost 50% less than those eco-friendly all natural diapers during a child’s diaper life. 

Monkey Butt Cloth Diaper Service strives to be the paramount delivery service in the Atlanta area.  We wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of cloth and feel all babies should be afforded this opportunity.    We believe busy, working families who also know they benefits of cloths should be able to choose a service to aid in this decision.  We would be honored to help your family through this journey.

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