Apprenticeship Offerings

We Offer Apprentices 

For the pregnant couple:  Occassionally we have newly trained doulas who desire to be mentored by an experienced doula. We offer the ability to have an additional apprentice doula accompany you when you have hired one of our trained and experienced doulas. If you are interested in including an apprentice, we will certainly include her if we have one available. Some hospitals have strict policies regarding the number of people allowed in the labor room. Usually three is the limit- this includes the partner and two others-  but others are not so strict. Let us know if you would like a doula in training to attend your birth along with your primary doula.

If you desire to invite a doula in training to your birth, it is a free option that not only helps the training doula but also is an extra pair of hands and another gentle heart. Your primary doula would remain so if a doula in training is included.

Apprentice Doula Program

Interested in becoming a doula?: We are often asked if we offer classes to train doulas. We do not. But what we do offer is an opportunity to join our childbirth series with a mentoring educator to learn some techniques needed to be a great doula. This also meets most certifying organizations requirement that you attend a childbirth series as a non pregnant person.  We encourage you to find an international organization- not a local organization for your training as a doula or as an educator. That way, when you move from the area, the training you have had will be accepted and recognized outside of the area. We are mostly certified with CAPPA ( or DONA (

The requirement to apprentice a childbirth series is a full committment to attending the full series and bring a snack for the students. You come early to help set up and prepare for class and stay late to clean up and reset the class space for the next class. It is best to attend the class series prior to your official certification training as it prepares you for your training.

We also offer the opportunity for you to attend births – when desired by couples- and attend the prenatal meetings to get to know those couples. We offer this as a time to work along side of the mentoring doula. Depending on the length of the birth and your opportunity to serve the client, this could qualify for a certifying birth. We only have you attend births once your certifying training workshop has been completed.

After apprenticing a series of classes and attending a birth, an evaluation is made to determine if we would like to offer you an opportunity to join our company. Sometimes you may not desire to become a part of a group and sometimes we may not have a need to add an additional doula. So apprenticing does not guarantee that you would join our group.

Most of the doulas with our company have come through this apprentice opportunity. Contact Delandra if you are interested in becoming an apprentice.

Our company really does offer a true mentoring apprentice program. And when joining our company, our doulas are part of a sisterhood of doulas and educators who work seamlessly together offering call coverage and continuing support and training- we do not just provide a referral network.