Antepartum and Postpartum Doula Services

Nick & mommy for blogAntepartum or postpartum doulas are “mother’s helpers.” Their role is to “mother the mother.” For women who are restricted to bed rest before the baby comes, assistance may be needed. And many times our own mothers cannot come to us after a birth. Or perhaps they can only come for a short time to help us during the adjustment period. A postpartum doula acts as the person who fills in at this time.

She is knowledgeable about bed rest situations, new babies, breastfeeding, newborn care and learning to meet your baby’s needs as well as your needs. You may need education before the baby arrives and she can offer this or assist you in arranging to have an educator come to offer private classes while you are on bedrest. She can assist you in learning how to bathe, massage, feed, and care for the baby. She knows comfort measures and safety issues as well as swaddling and more.

In the antepartum period, her job is to take care of the needs of the mom who is restricted in the activities that most moms are able to accomplish. After the baby comes, the postpartum doula does not take over the care of the baby. Her job is to help the new mom to learn how to do this herself. Although, during naps she will take care of the infant so you can get those much needed naps.

She also takes care of the mom. Doulas do light housekeeping, errand running and cooking. Her role is to help make this waiting period for the anticipating mom and the adjustment period after the baby’s arrival, one that will be as smooth as possible.

A list of things an antepartum and postpartum doula may do is:

  • provide emotional support
  • help parent infant bonding
  • assist and demonstrate infant care
  • provide relaxation
  • accompany mother and baby to appointments and outings
  • take care of household tasks
  • prepare nutritious meals and snacks
  • listen and honor your birth experience
  • support and encourage new parents
  • help and teach feeding techniques
  • provide encouragement and support for breastfeeding
  • help tend to and support siblings of the new baby
  • provide comfort measures and light massage
  • answer phone calls and field visitors
  • provide mother with freedom and help
  • run errands and shopping as needed
  • cleans dishes, tidies the home- doing minor chores &laundry
  • respects your confidentiality

How do you hire a postpartum doula? Email Delandra at or call her 770-241-2078. She will send you an informational packet to review. You can then have a phone interview with any and all of the doulas whose profiles interest you. Their phone numbers are in the packet. You can then set up interviews with the doulas who you feel best meets your needs. At the interview you may choose to hire a doula. Or you may choose to attend a Meet the Doula Tea to meet us all in person and hear us talk about our full list of services. Many times couples hire a doula at the tea that best meets their needs.

After you have chosen your doula and paid half of the initial ten hours for postpartum, we wait til you have your baby! Then after the birth of your new baby, you call your doula and let her know when you will be wanting to have her come to you’re your needs after your arrival home. The postpartum doula agreement will outline our complete services.