Anjli Offers Her Recommendation of BOLD

We have taught nurses and even medical physicians and gotten recommendations from them. But today when I opened up my email and found these kind words, I asked if I could share them with you. They are so kind.

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I routinely recommend the BOLD weekend with Teresa and Charlotte from Labor of Love, and knew well before I got pregnant with my first that I would want to attend one of these weekends myself.  Being a midwife with a deep trust in birth and the journey of motherhood, I still felt that this weekend was a gift that I was giving to myself and my unborn child.  It was an empowering time to get connected with mind, body, soul, and a community of women sharing something special.  Women lead busy lives with much to do, and don’t often get the opportunity to discover, or re-discover the sacredness of this time with child. Different than any partner/couple based birth classes, which I also think are helpful, the BOLD weekend can really help women reveal their deepest wishes and innate desires, not just for birth, but for life.  We never know what the future will hold, but we deserve to live life without fear, and further, to welcome it with eager joy and anticipation. I have been quite impressed with the peace and power women come away with after they attend this weekend.  I cannot recommend it enough.  Thank you Teresa and Charlotte for all that you do for families.

Anjli Aurora Hinman

Co-Founder/Certified Nurse Midwife at Atlanta Birth Center, Certified Nurse Midwife at Intown Midwifery and Provider/Volunteer at Community Advanced Practice Nurses, Inc.


It was a pleasure being her guide as she increased her BOLDness with our BOLD Women’s Weekend. Thanks Anjli!