An Extension of Your Arms

I have been a doula for a long time. I have owned the VHS tape the Rebozo Way by Guadalupe Trueba. I have used rebozos in labor for more than a decade. I teach the use of them in my childbirth class. I have attended a Spinning Babies training with Gail Tully and am certified as a Dancing for Birth instructor with Stephanie Larson  where they both teach the use in helping facilitate movement for babies in labor.

But not until I attended Gena Kirby’s Rebozo Workshop had I ever heard the analogy of using the rebozo like arm extensions in supporting a mom in pregnancy and labor. When she said that something clicked! Did I learn anything I had never been exposed to before in my previous training?- no. But was it delightful to be challenged to take that which I had been shown in the past to a new level and begin to really incorporate it into my labor support more fully- yep! And for that I can say thank you to Gena for inspiring me to take a rebozo use to a new level with my work as a doula and childbirth educator.

She told us about a company out of Vancouver that supported a village of women in Laos who made jias and supported their families in doing so. A jia is the asian version of a rebozo- the mexican shawl that midwives use in labor to help a woman be more comfortable and also for use in labor.  I contacted the company and put together an order for several of the birth professionals in the Atlanta area. but I also ordered some for inventory to sell to others.  These are very large rebozos- they average 8.8 feet long and are about 27 inches wide.

They can be used to carry infants and children as well as the “extensions of your arms” if you are a birth care provider.

If you want to purchase one, let me know.The pics are below. The cost is $99.95 and is a pick up price and I will have them in stock . Here are some photos of a rebozo in use for inspiration!  And I hope Gena returns to Atlanta- I would happily host her again to be further inspired! The colors are: Orange, Purple, Turquoise, Olive, Multicolored and Reds.