Aligned and Ready – Optimal Positioning

The female body is designed for childbirth. Today’s lifestyles often inhibit this perfect design. By being active and aware of your body you align with your body’s innate wisdom. What steps are you taking to take charge and prepare your body for birth? This workshop is FULL OF TOOLS to aide you in having an easier time during your pregnancy and birth.

2014-03-01 11.35.59Movement and Optimal Fetal Positioning are key factors. During these few hours we will explore how movement directly improves pregnancy and labor. We will use a birth ball to prepare for labor and how it can support before during and after. We will explore the ways to support a healthy pelvis for OFP and easier labor and birth. Many of the techniques and moves you will learn have been proven in studies to shorten labor. You will walk away with your personal plan for a healthier pregnancy and safer birth. Healthier mamas and healthier babies are our goal!

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We cover:

  • Birth Anatomy and Optimal Fetal Positioning – Where is baby?
  • The Power of the Pelvis – What can you do?
  • Conscious Movement – Being proactive to aide an easier birth.
  • Labor Readiness – preparing your Birthing Body including a sampling of Dancing for Birth™
  • Use of a birth ball and rebozo for pregnancy and labor support.

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Taught by Charlotte Scott, licensed body worker, labor doula, yoga instructor, and women’s wellness provider. Having a passion for helping women have a healthy birth and recovery. Among her skills she is trained in The Arvigo Techniques of MAYA ABDOMINAL THERAPY®, Dancing for Birth™ and the work of Spinning Babies®.

This class is taught in Atlanta. Cost of the workshop is $130 and is for women only.

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