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Helping Women Find Their Voice vs Protecting Them

Recently I attended an event where couples came to meet potential doulas. There were a few things that were said that made my ears prickle. One was from a very enthusiastic, young doula. She said repeatedly in her conversation about empowering women, that being her job. I do not empower women. A woman has power…
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Mama Willing to Do the Work

Stephen, her husband said, “Any man who doesn’t let a whole tribe of women into the room when his wife is giving birth is out of his mind.” The mother said, ” He was so grateful to just be able to ‘be’ and not feel like he had to have all the answers or take…
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Talking to Yourself

Think about your best friend. It could be a childhood friend or a newer friend. Think about what you love about them. What made them your friend? Think about how they will tell you the truth but lovingly so as to cause you little pain in hearing the truth. They support you. They encourage you….
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Different Perspectives

Client #1: Finds out that the provider she has used as her gynecologist does not feel the same way about birth as she does. She has concerns that the hospital where they practice is not offering as many options either. She researches her options and changes practices. Client #2: Has had some early pregnancy issues…
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We Can’t Want It More

Sometimes a new client comes to us and tells us what type of birth they desire. They want a gentle birth with as few medical interventions as possible. But herein is where the issues come up. They have been going to their gynecologist for years and do not want to change. But their gynecologist, who may…
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Who Are You Listening To?

This week I spoke to a client. She is a first-time birther and giving birth at the Atlanta Birth Center. She had told one of her co-workers about her birth ideals. This co-worker decided to share it over lunch with a large group of others whom she works with. They began to berate her, tell…
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Crone to Maiden

I have been thinking a lot about what is the most important thing that i can impart to a pregnant mom to prepare for labor. As a crone ( the older,wise woman, healer and guide). I would have to say it is learn to let go of fear. We have clouded birth with so many fears…
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What Kind of Labor Doula Do You Desire?

What a weird title! You want a doula who you connect with easily. Perhaps one you can build a bit of a relationship with prior to birth. You may be looking for one you can afford. However, you may also want an experienced, trained and perhaps certified doula. You may want one who is part…
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Misinformation Surrounding Placenta Encapsulation, by Melanie Belk

What reason does the medical community have for spreading misinformation about Placenta Encapsulation? Is it because they don’t profit from it? Every so often a news article, blog, or opinion comes out with misinformation about the practice in an attempt to discourage women who might benefit from it. Sadly, most people read headlines but don’t…
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BOLD Movement- Extra Tools for a Gentle and Natural Birth

The BOLD Movement women’s workshop is offered quarterly in different locations around the metro area.