Endorphins and the Post-Partum Mom

“Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people don’t shoot their husbands.”  Elle Woods

Well said Elle, well said.  You forgot one thing, throw in a newborn, a post-partum body that is as foreign as can be, no sleep and for the most part no clue what you’re doing and a so called “happy” person may just want to shoot their husband. As a fitness professional, I have never met a mom who doesn’t come in and say “I want my pre-baby body back.”  As a new mom, I said the same thing so I started right back at it.  Needless to say, exercising with a post-partum body can be a very humbling experience.  Mentally you are ready to go but physically you have to take it slow and work back up.  Exercise was my go to, my stress release, now it wasn’t fun, it was miserable and deflating.

I have to admit that for me, having Emma was the easy part.  Once I got her home there was a lot of sitting around.  We had the typical new born schedule, wake up, feed, sleep, wake up, feed, sleep, over and over again.  I started to feel like a prisoner in my own home.  I think many people underestimate how lonely it is to be a stay-at-home-mom.  I was on an emotional roller coaster, one minute happy as can be and then wanting to hide under the sheets and then just like that I was ready to snap.  When the time came I was somewhat actually ready to go back to work, until I realized I barely spent any time with Emma or my husband.  Nothing got done around the house, no one got any sleep, I felt like I was barely even getting meals together for us.

Going back to work didn’t make me feel better, I felt like a full time trainer and a part time mom and I hated that feeling.  It made me feel so low that I wasn’t there taking care of Emma every day, or at least having some time to play with her during the day. Sure some may look at me and say ‘Hey, welcome to motherhood.’ And yes I agree but for me at the time it was soul crushing.  We went on like this for months until one day I actually wondered if there might be something more going on.  I never thought about post-partum depression, they check for that at 6 weeks, I was almost 6 months!  But I researched and found out it can be up to the entire first year! Thanks for the heads up doc!

I found myself a good therapist to meet with but I also found FIT4MOM.  This group of moms was my true lifesaver.  I was able to get out of the house, interact with other moms, get a good workout, and have play time for Emma.  I honestly can’t tell you what my favorite part about my FIT4MOM group has been, whether it is the workouts, which are challenging yet attainable, or the weekly activities that let me experience things with Emma I would never think of myself.  Emma is now a year old and she has been to an indoor playground, a petting zoo, music class, and made countless little pieces of artwork thanks to FIT4MOM.









They say “It takes a Village” and well, someone knew what they were talking about.  Sometimes you don’t need a village to watch your baby but a village to hang out with, talk with and know you’re not crazy, bounce ideas off of, to laugh with, to cry with and to help raise your children and you to be the best person you can be.  That’s what I have with my FIT4MOM Village.  My Village helps keep my endorphin levels elevated so that I don’t shoot my husband. 😉


Stephanie Miller is the owner of FIT4MOM Peachtree Corners as well as a Certfied Stroller Strides Instructor and a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Her daughter Emma just turned one-year-old and loves getting out in the stroller and going for walks. For more information about Stroller Strides and FIT4MOM please visit peachtreecorners.fit4mom.com.