Growth spurts with breastfed babies tend to follow these numbers- 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 9 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months.

You will see the baby all of a sudden not be sleeping well in the early weeks and months. wanting to nurse all the time for about 48 hours- to build up your supply of milk! Ironically when they get older- toddlers and beyond, during a growth spurt you will find they will all of  sudden take longer naps. This is all normal.

Babies do not usually sleep through the night until 3 months or 15 pounds- and by sleeping through the night, that means five hours at a stretch.

measured head of infant seca-212-baby-and-toddler-head-measuring-tape-7

Keep in mind the growth a baby grows a lot in the short time of being a newborn! Amy Spangler reminded us that  the baby’s head growth in the first year is 3 inches. The child will not have another 3 inch growth until they reach the age of 16! So feeding the baby often is a great way to help that baby in that growth!

The reason most babies begin to eat and need solid food during the first year around 6 to 9 months is partly due to this growth spurt times. So, don’t be worried that you do not have enough milk- you will, just nurse for a few days around the clock as the baby increases your milk supply. It is a short time and works itself out in no time at all.