100 Reasons to Breastfeed

Our facebook fans put together a list of the reasons they love to breastfeed. I wanted to share it here with you! There are some near duplicates but I figured it was because it was worth repeating!

  1. Often overlooked reason, it relaxes the mama!
  2. Because it’s what’s normal. It’s using your body in the best way possible…exactly how it was meant to be used.
  3. Because your breast milk will never be recalled
  4. Because there will never be beetles or cockroaches in my breasts
  5. My favorite reason is because breastmilk comes in such nice packages! 😉
  6. No preparation needed, which means I don’t have to stumble out to the kitchen at 1 in the morning
  7. Source of comfort for my nursling.
  8. Nothing like having your child look up at you and smile.
  9. THE BEST boo-boo remedy. Better than a bandaid.
  10. Because human milk is for human babies!
  11. Instant solution for toddler tantrums and two-year=old fights over toys.
  12. And instant bedtime magic. Wait, am I supposed to come up with reasons to nurse a newborn? LOL, I can hardly remember those now that I’m still nursing a 2.5 year old! 😀
  13. It forces me to stop my busy day to hold, feed, talk to my baby. I know if I could “just prop a bottle,” there are times I would be tempted.
  14. Hormones take away anxiety. If I was upset, my husband would say, go nurse the baby,
  15. Breast milk actually helps prevent disease (as opposed to formula, which sometimes causes it).
  16. You don’t have to worry about what is in the city water that you are mixing into your formula!
  17. When baby is startled, scared or unsure of an environment, nothing like mama’s breast to comfort and soothe.
  18. The bond and the trust created between the breastfed baby and mama is precious and unique.
  19. You know exactly what is in it! No recalls to think about!
  20. You can squirt milk at unsuspecting husbands while they are watching football.
  21. Babies who breastfeed get sick less often 🙂
  22. Because when a BF mama gets pink eye, she can use her own breastmilk to help cure it. ( Added bonus: her own breastmilk has already created pink eye protection for her baby.)
  23. No need to mix and heat on the go.
  24. A super hot container.
  25. I don’t have to worry if we are out of the house longer than expected.
  26. My all time favorite reason… I’m lazy! No bottles to wash, no nipples to sterilize, nothing to measure, nothing to heat.
  27. Research shows babies who are breastfed have lower incidences, later in life, of chronic diseases like asthma,
  28. less diabetes
  29. and even cancer,
  30. as well as a reduced risk for severe communicable diseases like pneumonia,
  31. less diarrhea and
  32. fewer ear infections.
  33. the ingredient manganese, a neurotoxic chemical……not in breastmilk
  34. It’s free!
  35. Oxytocin: that hormone so prevalent in preserving intimacy and comfort between mother and child. That alone is a grand reason to breastfeed.
  36. You can nurse and sleep at the same time 🙂
  37. It is healthier for mom too!
  38. Breast milk acts like a natural tranquilizer for baby
  39. and breastfeeding acts like a natural tranquilizer for mom!
  40. I can eat more and still lose the baby weight!
  41. The unexplainable feeling of simple joy you get when you look down, see your beautiful child getting all he/she needs from you, feel their warm skin on yours, hear their contented sounds, feel their soft hair on your arm, their tiny hands grasping for your arm or breast….
  42. Environmentally friendly:) VERY GREEN!!!
  43. Breastfeeding is often the only thing that soothes a “fussy” or ill baby.
  44. And breast milk is considered a clear liquid, meaning that an ill breast-fed baby can still be fed at times when a formula-fed baby cannot.
  45. and because of this, a  baby can nurse closer to having surgery than a formula fed baby- less stress due to this
  46. It’s empowering for most women! Breastfeeding single-handedly made me more confident!
  47. More sleep for everyone!
  48. It’s what breasts were made for!
  49. FREE birth control for the 1st six months (for most) 😉
  50. Optimal nutrition that changes minute by minute according to the specific needs of each baby!
  51. Made specifically for my baby.
  52. I can do it if the power goes off during  a storm!
  53. Available anytime, anywhere.
  54. If you lock your keys and purse in the car while standing in the parking lot of a store you can still feed your baby while you wait for your a locksmith 🙂
  55. For those of us who had birth experiences that were somewhat traumatic and SO NOT what we wanted, it is such a healing thing! I sometimes joke that it’s the only way I survived the early months, but I’m not entirely kidding. 🙂 It convinced me that my body does work.
  56. No dipping the nipples in boiling water!!!
  57. You can nibble their long scratchy nails with your teeth while they nurse since you have a free hand!
  58. And…that free hand is awesome for reading to a toddler while baby nurses
  59. Immunities, bonding, because it’s awesome, easy & free
  60. It’s just wonderful and sweet bonding time!
  61. I love that nursing feeds,
  62. quenches thirst,
  63. stimulates peristalsis,
  64. raises endorphins,
  65. calms and puts baby to sleep! Now, if it could change diapers.
  66. Breastfeeding hormones have calming, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant properties
  67. breastfeeding mamas are calmer and happier. One of my very favorite breastfeeding facts.
  68. Also – breastfeeding makes for normal development of the jaw, facial muscles, and teeth (i.e. less orthodontia, speech therapy, etc.); breastfeeding causes the diaphragm to exercise, resulting in normal lung capacity (bottle-fed babies develop smaller lung capacities).
  69. Carrying cases come with such decorative designs; often with matching accessories.
  70. Breastfeeding hormones have calming, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant
  71. Decreases obesity
  72. Decreases allergies
  73. Decreases type II diabetes
  74. Decreases both childhood and adult cancers in children and their mothers during their lifespan.
  75. Perfect temperature, premixed.
  76. If you co-sleep you don’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night for feeding. Just attach and everyone goes right back to sleep. More sleep for everyone!
  77. you can breastfeed even if you have never given birth! A perfect gift to an adopted baby to begin the bonding experience, It takes a brain to nurse a baby, not a uterus! Thank God we all have one of those!
  78. The body can recognize what the baby needs through the baby’s saliva and therefore the milk content changes everyday. Customized meals!!
  79. Nursing makes your boobies healthier.
  80. how about the fact you can use breast milk for clogged tear ducts and stuffy noses?
  81. The look on your baby’s face when she’s hungry and pawing at your chest!
  82. it stimulates your uterus to contract after delivery
  83. Every other mammal on this earth feeds their young this way
  84. Breastmilk-you never run out. No midnight drives to Walmart.
  85. Teaches our daughters a positive image of breasts to counter the pop culture.
  86. Nursed breastmilk has no expiration dates.
  87. immune system is improved over the child’s entire life, not just while he/she is breastfeeding
  88. higher IQ
  89. lower risk of SIDS
  90. it’s the only time my boy will stop running around and cuddle with me!
  91. The gift that keeps on giving. Breastfed children have less risk of developing  high cholesterol
  92. have less risk of developing high blood pressure.
  93. I liked knowing that wherever I was I could still feed my baby – we could be stranded on an island and we’d be just fine!
  94. I loved watching him grow and knowing my milk was responsible.
  95. it is empowering – I have a super power!
  96. it is friendly- it bonds me immediately to other  breastfeeding moms
  97. it is timeless- no faddish bottles or the most recent formula!
  98. it is satisfying- we all feel grateful for the rest and relaxation it brings
  99. it is easy- formula companies try to make it difficult sounding- but it is so easy once you get the hang of it
  100. it keeps the baby in my arms instead of others who want to hold and cuddle her