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About Us

A Labor of Love

Labor of Love is a group of trained, experienced, and certified birth and postpartum support professionals with a shared passion for improving the birth experience and outcomes for the families we serve. We offer birth and postpartum support services within the metro Atlanta area and central Georgia. Placenta encapsulation services are available anywhere in the United States!

Labor of Love was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2000, and is owned by Delandra Vinson, CPM, an Atlanta native and community midwife. The company has served over 4400 families to date, and has built a positive reputation among care providers and past clients alike. We believe that there are multiple facets of preparation for a smooth birth and postpartum experience- education, choosing the right care provider and birth location, the mind-body connection, physical preparation, and support. We will help your family to prepare by addressing all aspects.

The Labor of Love family is honored to walk with you during this phase of expanding your family!

Delivery Services

We're here for you!

The doula’s role is to provide education, guidance, comfort techniques, and emotional support. Our doulas provide support in all metro Atlanta and central Georgia hospitals, birth centers and home birth. 

* Home births must also be attended by a midwife or other qualified medical professional.

Are you interested in planning a home birth? Schedule a consultation to explore your options!

Classes & Groups

FUNdamentals of Empowered Birth

The FUNdamentals of Empowered Birth is our comprehensive childbirth class designed to fully prepare you for the birth process. Students learn about comfort techniques, partner support, common interventions, newborn procedures and more.

This class is perfect for first time parents, and information is applicable to any birth plan!

Postpartum Recovery

Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta is perfectly created by your body to nourish your baby during pregnancy. Placenta encapsulation allows you to retain nutrients and hormones, receiving the benefits of the placenta but in a more palatable way.

We also make tinctures, smoothies and chocolate truffles!

Postpartum Support

Postpartum Doulas

You were never meant to do it alone!

Our postpartum doulas provide daytime and nighttime support to families with infants up to four months of age.

Start with three days, or one night, and build your package from there.


Simply Amazing!

“Delandra was everything I needed to complete my perfect birth team. She is so sweet, caring, and is amazing at her job. My husband and I couldn’t have chosen a better person to support us through this birth. If we ever decide to have more children we will certainly hire her again.”


Recommendations from Sara

“Dear friend, First, you are very smart to explore what Labor of Love Doulas can do for you. I applaud you for making the effort to have an informed and empowered birth. Second, I hope you will explore more than hiring a doula. My husband and I invested in classes and services with LOL, and”… Read more

Sara Gard