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    Most of the team, having our monthly sisterhood breakfast!
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From the blog:

Jana Shares

jana and baby

Jana wanted a different experience this time than her two previous medicated births. She is one of our postpartum doulas. She decided to have Renee, not only her friend but now her doula at her birth and she decided to take our BOLD Women’s Weekend to prepare. This is what she shared. What I loved […]

What is Being BOLD? What is this childbirth class about anyway?


Charlotte and Teresa have been teaching the BOLD Method for Childbirth for three years. It has changed our lives as teachers. We feel it has also changed the births of the 75+ women and couples who attend as well. Here are some of the things we heard from students who have attended our weekends. We […]

Chicken Out vs Courage

Basic RGB

Often times we hear women say, “I tried to go natural, but I chickened out in the end.” It is disturbing to hear them relate that to their birth experiences. I think often women will give in to the pressures from society, the medical staff or even your family when choosing to change their mind […]

New Parents Need Guidance

new family pic

Recently a student told me that they felt really prepared for their labor and birth and also for breastfeeding but failed to know what impact having a baby was going to be postpartum. We offer a few classes, but often we do not get enough in the classes for them to “make.” Usually we require […]

How Would This Story End Elsewhere?

We recently had two clients in our group of doulas who achieved vaginal births in spite of the way their labors unfolded. I wanted to share their time lines so you could see how most anywhere else these births would have been derailed to the OR for a cesarean. ¬†Look at the timelines and compare […]

Contractions That Come and Go…


Often moms get frustrated with contractions that come and go. This is an article about why that may be happening. I thought I could shed some light on this phenomenon. And let me say, this is one of the reasons hiring a doula is so helpful- it can help you recognize where you are in […]