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    Most of the team, having our monthly sisterhood breakfast!
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From the blog:

New Parents Need Guidance

new family pic

Recently a student told me that they felt really prepared for their labor and birth and also for breastfeeding but failed to know what impact having a baby was going to be postpartum. We offer a few classes, but often we do not get enough in the classes for them to “make.” Usually we require […]

How Would This Story End Elsewhere?

We recently had two clients in our group of doulas who achieved vaginal births in spite of the way their labors unfolded. I wanted to share their time lines so you could see how most anywhere else these births would have been derailed to the OR for a cesarean.  Look at the timelines and compare […]

Contractions That Come and Go…


Often moms get frustrated with contractions that come and go. This is an article about why that may be happening. I thought I could shed some light on this phenomenon. And let me say, this is one of the reasons hiring a doula is so helpful- it can help you recognize where you are in […]

“Are You Just the Boss, or Do You Take Clients Too?”


Recently at a Meet and Mingle I had a pregnant woman ask me this question, “Are you just the boss, or do you take clients too?” At the Mingle I run the event as the owner of the company. It puts me in a “mover and shaker” type role.  So yes I guess she can consider […]

Comparing Births: a Real Mistake

apples to oranges

We have a previous client who had a precipitous – very fast- birth with her first child. Her doula arrived just after the baby was born and helped her come down from the adrenaline rush and settle in with the new baby. The doula provided weeks of on call and even more weeks of being […]

Penny’s Birth Story by Rebecca Hutcheson


At 41wk3d (Thursday, July 10) we went in for a non-stress test at the doctor’s office. My blood pressure is high and there is protein in my urine, (baby was testing absolutely fine). We are sent to the hospital for an induction (not in my Birth Wishes either but excited that I would get to […]