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    Most of the team, having our monthly sisterhood breakfast!
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From the blog:

100 Reasons to Baby Wear!

Nursing Kalani in ring sling

I asked the parents and experienced baby wearers on our facebook page this question: “What are the reasons you love to wear your baby!” And these are the top 100 reasons they shared! The consensus was “I love carrying my baby.” “Baby is happier!”  ”All in all, wearing a baby is just easier!” My reasons for […]

Companions Please

sq couple

Often we find women in labor bring along a companion. It may be the traditional companion of her partner. But it could be a companion of her best friend or her mother. Women need loving support at their labors and birth. I want to help offset some areas that I wish companions would remember when […]

What Does Birth Without Fear Look Like?

Savannah called her brother to tell him “Scarlett is born…no, you don’t understand…she’s here!! A whole new person is in the world.” Then she told him “I’m going to do this someday”

I have to say right up front, these pictures are of my oldest daughter’s third birth. Both of my daughters have birthed naturally. My youngest, Jami, birthed first and gave birth at home. When she was first pregnant I asked her if she wanted my input as to who to use for her care. She […]

A Group Benefits

Most of the team, having our monthly sisterhood breakfast!

Why Be a Part of a Doula Group? When I first started out as a doula, you went to your training and got home and started chasing bellies. There was little in my training about how to find clients really. There was no role playing of an interview. You were all of a sudden at […]

Benefit of Labor- Even for Planned Cesareans


I published this article in November 2008, but felt it needed to be republished. Babies born by cesarean section before labor are more likely to have breathing problems and to need special care in the early days of life, compared to babies born after labor. Sometimes the obstetrician thinks the baby is older than he […]

When Are You Late?


Most of us guess at our due dates. It is based on last menstrual periods with the speculation that you will ovulate mid month. Unless you have perfect ovulation cycles and your baby gestates perfectly on schedule- or you have IUI or IVF , you really may not know exactly when you are due. The […]