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In the Midst of the Storm is NOT the Time to Learn!


Imagine this scene, the mom is in early labor and has back pain. She is unaware of what may be causing it and even more what to do about it. Her contractions are irregular but she is having a good deal of pain with each one. What do she and her partner do? They head […]

Lean Into Birth

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Debra Pascali -Bonaro  recently spoke in an interview about birth imperatives. One of the things she said was that women needed to “lean into birth.” This phrase resonated with me. I wanted to elaborate on her thoughts and my thoughts regarding this comment. First think about what the opposite of lean into is… it is […]

ALPHA Christ Centered Childbirth Preparation

Trena Campbell, Labor Doula

Using the comprehensive Alpha curriculum  and her years of experience working with moms and babies Trena Campbell works with you to help you learn more about your pregnancy and prepare for your birth.  This is a two day, 8 hour total class series for couples.Your Alpha materials will consist of: a 180-page Alpha workbook and […]

Birth is In Your BODY

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There are so many classes and books about birth today. But women fixate on the techniques or the set information about when they are due, how to time contractions, methods of induction, etc. They worry about if they will poop on the birth bed or in the pool, whether they will “loose it” in labor or […]

Preparation Equals a Reduction in Fee= Rewards Package


I became a doula because I was drawn to helping women at birth. It is my calling. I did this work while being able to be home with my children and at times by working other flexible jobs. I never relied on the income from it to be my families’ sole source of income. I […]

Get the News Out on BOLD

Spring Tour Dates

Karen Brody is the leader of the BOLD Method for Birth movement. She is a playwright and an inspirational cheerleader for the yoga nidra movement to help save people from a lack of rest. She is also my mentor. I had been teaching the Birthing from Within method for childbirth for over a dozen years. […]