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    Most of the team, having our monthly sisterhood breakfast!
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From the blog:

Does an Experienced Doula Really Make a Difference?


Someone posted recently on facebook that she did not think fees doulas charged should be based on experience. She said that once she completed her training she felt like all doulas were of equal value. This made me go  hmmm…. I do not think so.  The conversation was started based on new doulas who have […]

The Clock is Ticking…


There is an idea being supported within the birth professional community that a doula needs to charge more after a set number of hours of labor support. The theory behind it is the doula needs to call in a back up substitute or be paid extra for longer hours. How you do you feel about […]

Jessica Shares Her Birth

jessica with little blue

One of our previous doulas moved away toward the end of her pregnancy and gave birth soon after. She shares her fabulous story with us. We had just moved to Costa Rica. Everything still wasn’t settled in our home yet. I was originally given a due date of October 12, 2014. Three weeks after our […]

Self Care for Doulas

beach feet

We can talk about self care for anyone but this is specifically for birth workers. I think it is imperative to discuss a few things to insure doulas stay healthy- and in fact these things are for any birth professional. Nurturers- self care is not selfish Choosing clients carefully Reliable back ups in place Bodywork […]

Do Not Put Foreign Objects In Your Vagina

pelvic exam

What is a foreign object? Some will ask if sexual toys are okay. Here is an article on the subject. But that is not what this article is about. This is about vaginal exams in pregnancy. Today I spoke with one of our doulas and sadly the same story was recounted. A client had gone […]

How to Choose a Doula

You know your girlfriend may have loved a particular doulas, but that does not mean she is perfect for you. You know your midwife or doctor may suggest a particular doula, but that does not mean she is the right choice for you. You will know who is the best doula for you if you do […]