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Preparation Equals a Reduction in Fee= Rewards Package


I became a doula because I was drawn to helping women at birth. It is my calling. I did this work while being able to be home with my children and at times by working other flexible jobs. I never relied on the income from it to be my families’ sole source of income. I […]

Get the News Out on BOLD

Spring Tour Dates

Karen Brody is the leader of the BOLD Method for Birth movement. She is a playwright and an inspirational cheerleader for the yoga nidra movement to help save people from a lack of rest. She is also my mentor. I had been teaching the Birthing from Within method for childbirth for over a dozen years. […]

Gentle Birth Locations

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Often I get phone calls and emails from women looking for the “out of the box” type birth experience. The box is going to the hospital for birth classes where you will be taught how to be a good patient. Then going to the hospital when the care provider decides you are ready to give […]

When a Doula Says No

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Lately on many private doula pages I am on, there have been doulas discussing watching their clients being abused and what the role of a doula is when that happens. And it is a difficult situation. We can not give medical advice nor be disrespectful to a care provider, but when we see abuse and […]

Love and Gratitude for Charlotte and Teresa!

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“I just wanted to convey my gratitude towards Teresa and Charlotte. The services provided by Labor of Love extends beyond a gentle birth. I believe having Charlotte present during my long labor and birth made a world of difference. The Birth Circle classes and Charlotte gave me the tools I needed to make informed decisions. As […]

Does an Experienced Doula Really Make a Difference?


Someone posted recently on facebook that she did not think fees doulas charged should be based on experience. She said that once she completed her training she felt like all doulas were of equal value. This made me go  hmmm…. I do not think so.  The conversation was started based on new doulas who have […]