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    Most of the team, having our monthly sisterhood breakfast!
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From the blog:

What Does Trial of Labor Really Mean?

bait and switch

Here is an email conversation I had this week: “I am very interested in hiring a doula to support me and help me VBAC (Vaginal Birth after previous Cesarean) in *************.” I asked a few questions about her due date and location for her birth. “I am birthing at *************, and am looking for someone […]

Negotiating Choppy Waters

choppy waters

I recently attended a birth where the mom wanted to decline getting an IV access. This was not news to her doctor. She had told her doctor numerous times that she wanted to decline this procedure. My client was well informed and knew that evidence did not show this was an essential intervention for a […]


map to class

Today I received a call from a young woman wanting to take our BOLD classes. Her home birth midwife had recommended and encouraged her to take our classes for preparation for her upcoming birth. She was concerned that since she lived inside Atlanta proper, the drive would be difficult all the way out to Lawrenceville. […]

Returning to Work- Avoiding the Pitfalls

working mom pumping

I was lucky enough- and I have to say willing to take some huge sacrifices to do so- I got to stay home with my babies. It is not something every new mom is able to do- no matter the sacrifices. We unfortunately are encouraged to buy homes for instance based on the maximum we […]

100 Reasons to Baby Wear!

Nursing Kalani in ring sling

I asked the parents and experienced baby wearers on our facebook page this question: “What are the reasons you love to wear your baby!” And these are the top 100 reasons they shared! The consensus was “I love carrying my baby.” “Baby is happier!”  ”All in all, wearing a baby is just easier!” My reasons for […]

Companions Please

sq couple

Often we find women in labor bring along a companion. It may be the traditional companion of her partner. But it could be a companion of her best friend or her mother. Women need loving support at their labors and birth. I want to help offset some areas that I wish companions would remember when […]