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Penny’s Birth Story by Rebecca Hutcheson


At 41wk3d (Thursday, July 10) we went in for a non-stress test at the doctor’s office. My blood pressure is high and there is protein in my urine, (baby was testing absolutely fine). We are sent to the hospital for an induction (not in my Birth Wishes either but excited that I would get to […]

Circumcision is More Than a Choice

circumcision_decision-maker (1)

Recently a client became upset with me because I revealed I am an intactivist. I feel strongly that couples need to make an informed decision regarding this far from benign decision. This article may make me unpopular, but if  one hundred babies died in the United States by another procedure, I would be writing about […]

Be Careful, Your Body is Listening


We teach several things in our classes regarding voice. But sometimes it is not the spoken that will derail you, but the heard and unspoken.  I ask couples to hold their hand up in a stop sign and repeat after me, “My childbirth educator said that if what you are about to say is not […]

Intact Perineums

intact perineum

I love this article on Intact Perineums by Gloria Lemay… it is fabulous! I don’t usually just post a blog article by linking another- but oh my – just such wonderful information! My observations over 594 births is just this- and you will find I agree so totally with Lemay. Perineal massage during pushing usually […]

FREE Doulas

free vs paid

Often  I will get a call regarding if we offer free doulas. Often new doulas in training will hear that they need to provide free doula services in order to get their “certifying” births for the certification for doula organizations. But we do not offer free doulas. Why? If someone is working toward certification they […]

Mind and Body Connection

Body, spirit, mind Balance

What does that mean? Do you fear it means some kind of psychic new age thinking?  I received a call today and realized that the young woman was concerned about that phrase when I was sharing about the BOLD classes we teach. It was something that she thought may conflict with her religious convictions. It […]